What you should look for in a Dog Sitting Company

 Jun, 17 - 2016   Uncategorized

If you find yourself needing a pet sitter, there are so many qualities to look for in a dog sitting company. This may be ideal for those who are going for a vacation. The same is also true who does such on a regular interval. The truth is that finding the right person for this is really challenging by nature. Fortunately, you can finds dog sitters by visiting Barking Mad. Prior to looking, there are characteristics that have to be taken into account here. These are the following:

The Characteristics of an Ideal Pet Sitter

1. Flexibility
Flexibility is required most especially when there are unstable changes with regard to the work schedule of the client. This is an advantageous quality to look for in a sitter because there might come a time when the person has to be called even on a short notice. This is one of the reasons why for those who have a relevant appointment to attend to, it would not be hard to find a person to entrust the pet to.
2. Calmness
The pet sitter needs to be knowledgeable in the way these animals are treated. They have to be the first one to understand that not all actions go according to plan. Despite that, the pet sitter must still be patient. This is also the case if by any chance the pet will behave in a different manner. Staying calm is vital to assure that the person hired can still manage the pet.image_20160613_112433
3. Sensitivity
The needs of the pet have to be recognized by the person. They should also respond to them. For instance, the person needs to realize when the cat is not in the mood to play. As this transpires, giving the pet space is the answer. Someone who can manage the cat affectionately has to be taken into account. There should never be the use of force or physical punishment such as dragging the leash of the dog during a long walk.
4. Trustworthy
Of course, the pet sitter may have to be asked to handle the spare keys of the house. This alone is a reason why the person to be selected here should be trust worthy. This is a sign that learning about the caregiver is the answer. There are references that may be checked with regard to this. These can come from previous employers. This is an opportunity to do background checking too. If the person has a bad feeling about a sitter after being met for the first time, then that is an indication of something else. Trust your instinct. It is a good thing that there are certifications given to these pet sitters. Looking and checking at them should be done primarily.image_20160613_112418
5. Consistency
To assure that the best service is enjoyed at all times, consistency is a must of course. It is hard to teach rules when this is not applied. The sitters have to be informed about these reminders too. They also have to perform at their best on a regular basis.

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